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Twin massage

Masáž pro dvaMassage for couple - COUPLE MASSAGE

Choose some massage from our offer. We offer a wide range of javanese massages or Thai massages. Massage can be provided for a couple. This means that you have massage with your partner at the same time in one room. You can come as a friends or married couple. The price of massage is multiplied by two. This massage for two is available only to massages at 1h or 1.5h.

Price Javanese or Thai massage for two is charged from 1598, - CZK.

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We offer challenging remarkable experience. Choose from javanese massages and ask for an application from the two therapists. This experience will leverage the experience of Javanese massage, which itself is an important contribution to the health of the human body, particularly in regular intervals again.

1 hour massage 1599,- Kč
1,5 hour massage 2199,- Kč

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