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Thai massage

Thajská masáž olejováThai oil massage

We are pleased to bring you the ancient art of classic Thai oil massage to relax your tired muscles, stabilize your soul and revitalize whole body, using aromatherapy flower massage oil. Thai massage has long been renowned for its effects of in physiotherapy.

1 hour AKCE: 699,- Kč 899,- Kč
1,5 hours 1299,- Kč

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Thajská královská masážRoyal Thai massage

Royal Thai massage is an oil massage with using herb massage stamps. Royal Thai massage removes stiffness and muscle tension and restore your energy throughout your body. The whole room smells of Thai herbs and their hotness and effects will go under your skin. Let yourself be pampered royally by this unique procedure.

1 hour
( back and neck massage)
899,- Kč
1,5 hours
(whole body)
1299,- Kč

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Thajská masáž chodidelThai foot massage

We all know the tired legs and burning feet busy life. Come to relieve the rush and relax with a Thai foot massage. Stress from your legs will suddenly gone and you will feel that you can run marathon. Massage has a powerful relaxing effect.

30 minutes
(foot and calf)
399,- Kč

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Thajská masáž zad a šíjeThai back and neck massage

You will be satisfied with this massage if you have back problems from such a sedentary job and do not require full-body massage. In this massage is given careful attention to the shoulders, neck and back. An experienced therapist will reveal the tensions and by special technique massage will disappear you pain. Feel the incredible relief that gives you a new power for work.

30 minutes 499,- Kč
60 minutes 699,- Kč

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Thajská masáž bylinkováThai herbal massage

Herbal Thai massage is one of our most populár massages.Herbal heat compress is used in combination with traditional Thai massage. Herbal heat compresses are applied to sore muscles. The herbal heat compress relaxes aching muscles, eases respiration through the use of aromatic camphor, and reduces tension through the heat and aromatic properties of the herbs used in the compress.

1,5 hours 1499,- Kč

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Thajská masáž klasickáThai Classic massage

Thai massage is a type of massage that involves stretching and deep massage. The massage helps to relieve and ease muscles and bones pain caused often by wrong posture. This ancient massage will strengthen the client physically and harmonize their mind.

1 hodinová masáž 799,- Kč
1,5 hodinová masáž 1199,- Kč

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